Fresh Mozzarella

Preparation Guidelines

    1. Curd Temperature: recommended internal curd temperature is 125 – 135 F.

  • Gradually bring the curd up to 125-135 f for best results.
  • Water temperatures between 165-175 f work well.

In a large stock pot, add the water. Add enough salt to the water until it tastes like saltwater. Place a colander in the water. Crumble the cheese curd into the water.

2. Mixing:

Only minimal stretching is required. Using a wooden spoon, stir the mixture until the curd starts to pull. Using your hands or a spoon, pull the cheese until it begins to hold shape. It’s like pulling taffy. Do not over pull the cheese because the end product will be rubbery. If the cheese hardens to soon, dip the cheese back in the water and repeat the pulling process. After the desired weight is achieved dip the cheese in an ice bath.

3. Salting:

Add salt at any point in the preparation if desired. The cheese can either be stored in salted water or rolled in plastic wrap.

Problem solving tips:

    1. Problem: grainy texture; falls apart; decreased yields:

  • Curd is too hot.
  • Curd is over-mixed.

    2. Problem: rubbery texture; difficult to work with:

  • Curd is too cold.
  • Curd is under-mixed.

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