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Our History

Since 1930, Sansone Foods, Inc. has been helping families, pizzerias, and restaurants establish New York City and the greater metropolitan area as the food capital of the world. From our humble beginnings in Bushwick, Brooklyn and across the Atlantic in Monte San Giovanni Campano, Sansone Foods, Inc. has a long honored tradition of supplying authentic and superior quality Italian food products. This proud heritage dates back to a small hill town of Monte San Giovanni Campano in the province of Frosinone. It was here that Rocco Roma Mastrantoni would take his horse drawn carriage to Rome and sell cheeses, olive oil, cured meats, and other delicious Italian fare. Meanwhile, on the streets of New York City, Sansone Foods was doing the same for Italian immigrants that longed for the taste that they had left in the Old Country. With a loaded truck, our founders serviced their customers with pride and respect house to house, customer to customer. Treating all like family. It wasn’t until after 1945 that Italian cuisine, especially pizza, became popular with the general American public. Pizzerias began popping up all over the city to satisfy the demand of American Servicemen craving the food that they had fallen in love with while stationed in Italy. Sansone Foods was one of the first to supply that demand. Presently, Sansone Foods is one of the leading Italian Food Distributors in the New York Metro area. We credit this to our commitment to devoted service, our steep tradition as food purveyors, and our high standards to quality.